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A community experiment

    For some time I’ve been experimenting with an event registration platform called I’ve really enjoyed using because it gives me the flexibility to set a limit on the number of people registering for online session (something that Zoom doesn’t on its own), plus it allows me to take payments and easily share the management of the sessions with my buddies.

    A few weeks ago the team at launched a community offer so that people attending events can chat with each other, and there’s one go to place to list all of the events that we’re hosting.

    Join our burgeoning community

    We’re now at 20 members and growing! It’s a place for you to share. Plus, a place to see what’s coming up in the calendar and access our library of resources (coming soon). Don’t worry, I know there are so many platforms and communities to join and it can become a little overwhelming. I promise that you won’t be inundated with notifications ๐Ÿ™‚

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