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Hi, I’m Bobi

BeMoreDigital is my passion project. It started back in 2019 when I needed to find a charity focussed training solution that would improve the digital skills of my colleagues. I search everywhere and couldn’t find what we needed, in a sector specific way.

I’ve been working in the UK charity sector in voluntary and paid positions since 2008. Most of my time has been spent in communications, digital, and service delivery teams. My experience in the sector varies from huge membership organisations, to tiny charities and I’m passionate about the work that all of them do. I was asked the other day; “What would you be doing if you didn’t have to earn?” My response? “That would mean I could spend more time focussing on BeMoreDigital!”

How it started

It all started with three goals.

  1. Improve digital confidence through practical skills training
  2. Direct people to the skills they don’t know they need
  3. Allow people to track their progress

How it’s going

Since 2019 the idea has come along way. We’ve developed and tested a number of ways to help you learn – from online self directed courses, to online practical sessions (available for individuals or teams). The next steps are to help you know what you don’t know you need to know…

The BeMoreDigital Buddies

I haven’t been doing all of this on my own. In 2021 I started to experiment with working alongside other awesome people in the sector. Here are the buddies that are currently collaborating with me on workshop sessions and more.