Do – Activities to try

Sometimes you need a place to have a quick dip and find an activity that will help you and your team think about things a little differently. We’re building a bank of activities that you can use to help you with your digital projects, to understand a problem, or to get to the bottom of why something happened.

Explore the activities built so far

Three Little Pigs
When we’re busy we seem to get a bit blinkered and force ourselves to keep racing to the next thing to …
Think Feel Do
Think, Feel, Do, helps you to get to the 'why'. The reasons behind peoples actions are often difficult to understand.

What else would you like to do?

We want to develop activities that can really help you to reach your goals. Things that you will find super useful and that will help you to develop new ways of working in your organisation. What are you trying to achieve right now? What conversations are your trying to have? What’s getting in your way? Tell us in the form below and book some time to explore it, then I’ll build an activity to share here and help others too!

You might also find our courses, or events useful 🙂

Useful things from other places

As I’ve said before, we’re not alone in our passion to support charity professionals like you on your digital journey. Here’s a small collection of useful things from others that could help: