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BeMoreDigital is passionate about supporting charity professionals like you to gain the skills and confidence you need to thrive as the way we work moves further to digital tools, systems, and ways of working. We do this through our FREE and pay what you can events, bespoke workshops (email for more info), courses, and our monthly newsletter.

Charity Power Hour

A problem shared, is a problem halved.

A monthly FREE event created to help charity professionals set off on a journey to solve digital problems. Put the third Wednesday of the month in your diary today!

The Charity Power Hour - event banner

What is the event?

One hour, up to 5 charities with a problem to solve. We work together ask a group to set you on your journey towards a solution.

This monthly pay what you can event helps charity professionals to begin to solve digital problems. It may be exploring how to explain things to trustees; or maybe a you are struggling to solve problems caused by the pandemic – how do we reach our vulnerable service users when we can’t work in the way we used to. Not all problems are digital, and not all have digital solutions. Most, however, can be explored through the methods used in developing new digital solutions.

How does it work?

​If we are full (5 people) then after a brief introduction and welcome from me, you will each have 10 minutes to share your problem and for the group to help you move towards a solution. This event is all about supporting one another, if you have experience that you think could help solve someone’s problem, please share it. Power to us all!

What do you need to do / know / think about?

  • ​Submit your problem in advance – this can really help Bobi prep to help with the really tough problems that you might have.
  • ​We break the ice and introduce ourselves
  • ​Each person attending the event gets at least 10 minutes (if all 5 of you join the call) to explain your problem and get help from the group
  • ​No problem is silly and everyone is welcome!

Any questions? Email Bobi on