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Bobi Robson

Bobi is a user-focused digital specialist with 10 years’ experience of digital communications and strategy in the third sector. She is passionate about digital and the opportunities it offers.

Adding more doesn’t (always) mean better

I was reminded this weekend of this question as I helped my mother-in-law. She’s recently moved to a new home and after a few months of struggling to get live TV through her Smart TV, asked me to take a look. The solutions she’s been given from someone else? Buy an additional piece of £200+ equipment which should (they hope) allow her to watch live TV.

Finding your audience

Your target audience is a group of people that you’ve identified that you want to reach and engage with. This can be based on demographics such as age, income level, education, location, or behaviour. While not everyone will be interested in supporting a particular topic, it may be that they are more receptive to other areas that are related or loosely associated, giving you an opening to engage.

A screenshot of a welcome message to the community from Bobi. Bobi is wearing big glasses and an even bigger smile.

A community experiment

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A community space so people attending BeMoreDigital events can chat, see upcoming events, and access our resource library (coming soon).

Screenshot of the survey we're running

Collaborating with Emma

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Back in the Summer of 2020 I reached out to Emma (Beyond Profit) to collaborate on an exercise for one of the sessions in the 6 week test. It was so much fun that when I started thinking about how to help bring quality courses from different experiences to you, Emma was the first buddy I thought of.