Author: Bobi Robson

Book a bespoke training session

From £750, a bespoke training session is designed specifically for you and the needs of your team. All BeMoreDigital workshops have a practical part and Bobi works closely with you to understand the needs of both the audience and the aims of your organisation on their digital journey. Start the process and book a 30 […]

FREE Activities to try

Sometimes you need a place to have a quick dip and find an activity that will help you and your team think about things a little differently. We’re building a bank of activities that you can use to help you with your digital projects, to understand a problem, or to get to the bottom of […]

Pay what you can sessions

A calendar of practical, pay what you can sessions that support charity professionals and people working in other non-profit roles to improve their digital skills and ways of working. From risk and governance to project management, and everything in between and beyond. All pay what you can sessions can be booked via our event […]

Workshops adjustable to your needs

Did you know that our advertised pay-what-you-can workshops can be booked and re-designed specifically for your organisations needs? Each workshop we design is available for you to re-developed and adjust to your needs. Whether that be to an audience of people within your organisation, or for people in organisations that you support. Take a look […]

Thinking ‘digital’ a few ideas on what that might mean.

I started my day today with a DigiShift session. This months theme was about strategies to de-risk digital activities ( link to watch the full session to be added soon). During the post session discussion one of the speakers, Raymond O’Hayre from Engage, said that he and his team try to encourage a ‘think digital’ […]

Building a collection of activities to help you solve your challenges

Since starting BeMoreDigital, I have focused on developing a range of Free and affordable methods to help you improve your skills and confidence in digital ways of working. One of the ways I’ve done this is to share the activities that I develop for Bespoke Workshops booked. Now, I’m building a collection of activities designed […]