Book a bespoke or ‘ready-made’ workshop from Bobi and the BeMoreDigital Buddies.

Bespoke workshops

From £750 per workshop these are designed specifically for you and the needs of your team. All BeMoreDigital workshops have a practical part and Bobi works closely with you to understand the needs of both the audience and the aims of your organisation on their digital journey. Start the process and book a 30 minute call with Bobi*.

*Following this briefing call, Bobi will develop a bespoke proposal that will fit the challenges and needs of your workshop brief. This takes time, and we want to make sure you’re really interested in working with BeMoreDigital, so we ask for a small deposit of £75. This payment will be removed from the final workshop fee.

What have other people been asking for?

  • Making better data driven decisions
  • Tracking the impact of digital communications activity
  • Measuring the progress of digital projects (developing new digital things)
  • Where to begin with digital strategy
  • Developing your digital standards and frameworks

Ready-made workshops

From £400 these workshops are ready-made versions of the bespoke offer. In the spirit of reuse and recycle, as we deliver more bespoke workshops, we are able to offer more ready made workshops based on the content developed. All ready-made workshops delivered are slightly adapted to suit your audience needs, and previous feedback, the main practical activity of the workshop will stay.

Ready-made workshops now available

Measuring the impact of your communications – Understand why measuring your impact helps prove the value of your Comms activities and learn from your actions. Work through and build a measurement strategy for your activities.

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Where to begin with digital strategy – In order to develop a working digital strategy you must understand the challenges that your trying to solve. This workshops takes you through the process and helps you highlight the organisational, people, and systems challenges to include. Book this workshop for your team.