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Collaborating with Emma

    Back in the Summer of 2020 I reached out to Emma (Beyond Profit) to collaborate on an exercise for one of the sessions in the 6 week test. It was so much fun that when I started thinking about how to help bring quality courses from different experiences to you, Emma was the first buddy I thought of.

    What we hope to build

    The journey to BeMoreDigital for many organisations can be pretty tough. It can be an even more difficult journey when senior leaders and trustees don’t have the confidence and skills that they need to support and direct their charities and organisations. The ambition is to build a self guided course that will build the skills and confidence needed to ask the right questions and manage the projects that will improve the resilience of their organisations as they continue their journey to BeMoreDigital.

    Where we are now

    Right now, we’re researching. In order to help senior leaders, we need to know what concerns them most, what it is that keeps them awake a night. To do this, we’ve created a super short survey to point us in the right direction.

    Next, we’ll be inviting some of the people that completed the survey to join us for short conversations, and we’ll speak to those that have pushed forward on their journeys, to find out what they wish they knew when they first started out.

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