Old poster for the charity power hour, with its title rubbed out.

From Power Hour to Surgery Slots

We stopped and we listened to you. The charity power hour has been hosted by Bobi for a while now and following some helpful feedback from a few of you, and quite a bit of time thinking about things, we’ve adapted the offer.

Sharing problems in public can make you feel vulnerable – even when it’s in a safe space to share. So, to keep our monthly hour we’ve adapted it to bookable 15 minute slots. It’s still a problem focused event, it’s still free, and it’s still designed to help you work through things.

It might be exploring how to explain things to trustees; or maybe a you are struggling to solve problems caused by the pandemic – how do we reach our vulnerable service users when we can’t work in the way we used to. Not all problems are digital, and not all have digital solutions. Most, however, can be explored through the methods used in developing new digital solutions.

From now (July 2021) until November 2021 we’ll be trailing this new offer with you. Any feedback? Share it in the comments 😉

Wondering how to book? Follow this link to Calendly.

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