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Build confidence, agility, and resilience through BeMoreDigital

People now rely on, and expect to be able to complete most life activities through a digital tool – banking, doctor appointments, exercise, socialising etc. The non-profit space has to keep up – and the people that work in charities need the confidence and skills to do that.

Time and funding are still the main challenges to both non-profits and their people in gaining the resilience that comes from being more digital. The global covid-19 pandemic forced a move in all sectors to innovate and create digital services at speed, but what can we learn from this experience and who is being left behind?

We’re on a mission to help everyone to BeMoreDigital. All sessions are designed so it’s fun to learn, build a community of peers to support you, and give you practical skills that you can put in to place quickly.

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All our workshops are available for individual staff and volunteers to book and pay what they can, or for group booking for teams.

Learning with BeMoreDigital

Learnt so much! Excellent – personal, practical, encouraging. Covered all the basics including some important theory. I thoroughly recommend.

Salli, CVS Brent

What do our sessions feel like?

Watch this recording of a session that Bobi ran for CAST in 2021.

The session was designed to help people that had taken part in their projects and accessed funding to explore why impact measurement was important. This was accompanied with a short article for their blog and followed up by a session from Dr Lucy Maynard to explore how to measure impact.

Watch the session below (YouTube link: