I’m on a mission to help you BeMoreDigital. Over the coming weeks, months, and years, I’ll be working with specialists across the sector to develop introductory courses to help you set your foundations, and longer more in depth courses to give you the time and space to focus. All are designed in a way that will make it fun to learn, and give you practical skills that you can put in to place quickly.


Complete in one hour, put what you’ve learnt in to practice straight away.

Measurement and evaluation for communicators

£25 for 25 days access

This course should take no longer than an hour to complete. You’ll learn key terms, why measuring and evaluating the impact of your communications is important, how to build your own measurement strategy.

Build the foundations

Self directed courses that will give you solid foundations in the key concepts of digital ways of working. Right now, we’re developing courses on Balancing risk (aimed to support senior leadership and trustees), and Accessibility (a course we believe everyone should take).

Also on the way are courses on user research, forming good digital habits, data driven decisions, and digital project management.


Coming Soon! Learn the foundations of digital accessibility, from creating documents that everyone can use and understand to tips to make your social media more accessible.

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Balancing risk

Coming Soon! A short course for charity leaders (and trustees) to give you the foundations you need to move forward with confidence on your digital journey.

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Help us design and develop a course that will give you the skills, knowledge and confidence you need. Complete this short survey about your questions on balancing risk, or accessibility.

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Longer learning

Our flagship 6 week course will help you gain the confidence you need to take the next steps on your digital journey.

Teaching the practical application of the Charity Digital Code of Practice, and working through activities that you can repeat again with your team (or return to on your own) you will:

  • Understand the key concepts of working in more digital ways
  • Gain confidence in using digital project processes and techniques
  • Have the confidence to manage risks and consider digital ethics
  • Understand accessibility needs (and why this is so important)
  • Develop skills to work more adaptably and with resilience
  • Gain the skills to make sure that you’re digital activities are user-led and positively impact those you look to support.

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A helpful introduction…you’ll leave with new ways of thinking and practical skills to get going. Highly recommended!

Annwen Bates (Key concepts 2020)