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Digital Strategy

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Six 90 minute sessions

A six week cohort based programme of workshops and dedicated 1:1 sessions to help start, maintain, and measure your digital progress. All sessions will be delivered online by an experienced digital training practitioner.

The six 90 minute sessions will take learners through the main phases of the double diamond, discover, define, design, develop.

Discover – The process starts by questioning the challenge and quickly leads to research to identify user needs.

Define – The second phase is to make sense of the findings, understanding how user needs and the problem align. The result is to create a design brief which clearly defines the challenge based on these insights.

Develop – The third phase concentrates on developing, testing and refining multiple potential solutions.

Deliver – The final phase involves selecting a single solution that works and preparing it for launch.

In addition to teaching the steps to develop a useful digital strategy, this programme is designed to introduce transferable knowledge of design thinking, iteration, and improved digital habits.

Course outline

Week one – Introduction + Discover your digital strategy part 1.

This session will introduce the initial the programme and the work to be done in developing a digital strategy and start the learner’s thought process in the discovery phase.

  • Cohort introduction and icebreaking activities
  • What is a digital strategy?
  • Why is it important?
  • How might it help my organisation?

Week two – Discover questions, research, and how to engage your organisation

  • What aspects of my organisation should be included in my discovery work?
  • What are your key challenges?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are your weaknesses?
  • What don’t you yet know?

Following the session you will be encouraged to work with you team and organisation to dive deep and discover the problems / ambitions held. This work will be completed within a supplied Notion document and comments provided by the tutor.

Week three – Define your goals and measure success

The key to strategic digital success is the ability to measure success and make data driven decisions to support the ability to quickly pivot approaches.

  • Why is measurement important?
  • What are the key methods? – Introducing OKRs
  • Understanding results
  • Setting your organisational key results

Following the session you will be encouraged to explore additional metrics that you could bring in to your strategic decision making process. This work will be completed within a supplied Notion document and comments provided by the tutor.

Week four – Define your tools

In many small organisations there is not the understanding necessary to productively manage the digital tools in play. This session will help you map the tools that you have and visualise how they connect. In some instances these activities will highlight gaps, in others duplication.

  • An understanding of what your digital building blocks are (or tech stack) and where they connect
  • An idea of what is important to make your digital activities work
  • A visualisation of how your tools connect and serve your organisation
  • Map distinctive journeys of users and the tools / teams that these journeys touch

Following the session the you will be encouraged to work with your wider organisation to dive deep and discover the tools and connections in your organisation. This work will be completed within a supplied Notion document and comments provided by the tutor.

Week five – Develop digital habits

A digital strategy is as good as those that implement the change. In order to put your digital strategy in to place successfully we must develop good digital habits

  • The science of habits
  • What is good digital practice
  • Compliance, ethics, and risks
  • Build your habits

Week six – Deliver your roadmap & digital strategy

In this final session we will share our strategies. In order to deliver a useful and impactful digital strategy the author(s) must get ‘buy-in’ from the wider organisation. During this session you will present your strategies to the group for feedback. This can act as a practice session before sharing the work you’ve done with your organisation.

Before this session you will be given templates, examples, and guidance to prepare for their presentation.


  • Upto 30 minutes each week of 1:1 coaching
  • Access to a peer learning group on WhatsApp

You’ll gain as part of this course:

  • A draft strategic document
  • A recorded presentation
  • Confidence in your understanding of your organisations digital activities
  • Transferable skills from best practice activities

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