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A bespoke training session or intervention is designed specifically for you and the needs of your team. All BeMoreDigital workshops have a practical part and Bobi works closely with you to understand the needs of both the audience and the aims of your organisation on their digital journey. Start the process and book a 30 minute call with Bobi.

What is a bespoke training session?

A bespoke training session is typically a 1.5 hour session specifically for your needs. Whether you are a membership organisation looking to support your members with a problem that you have seen, or a medium/large charity looking to train your staff in a more digital way of working, we can help you with our bespoke training offer.

How do you book?

The first steps to booking a bespoke training session are to book a call with Bobi to discuss your needs. Following the call, you’ll receive a one page document outlining the subjects you would like to cover and the practical activity. After that, we can work together to make sure the session addresses your most important needs.

How is it charged?

A typical bespoke training session of 1.5 hours costs £750 (including VAT) although all are costed on an individual basis . Each session is invoiced in advance of delivery and full payment must be made before the session runs.

Who have we worked with?

Below is a growing list of organisations that we’ve developed sessions for.

WeAreReply – measuring the impact of your digital project

CAST – the WHY of impact measurement

The Curve – multiple sessions as part of the ongoing series.

SCVO – a series of three workshops focused on digital strategy.

How does it give back?

Your investment in a bespoke training session also gives back to the wider sector. By purchasing a bespoke session you are adding to the workshop offer available to other charities and their people. We believe in reusing and sharing when and where we can. Your investment goes further than the group you commit to train.

What are bespoke interventions?

In cases where additional support is needed, such as to help you develop an internal project management system, or design agreed ways of working as a team, we work with you to deliver the training as well as the solution.

What could a session look like?

I recently ran a bespoke training session for CAST and the Catalyst to help people that had taken part in their projects and accessed funding to explore why impact measurement was important. This was accompanied with a short article for their blog and followed up by a session from Dr Lucy Maynard to explore how to measure impact.

Watch the session below (YouTube link:

Other ways to learn with us…


All our 90 minute digital workshops are designed to give you a practical way to apply what you’ve learnt from the moment the session ends. Each session teaches skills that can help you to gain confidence and improve your skills in digital ways of working.


Sometimes you need accountability, and a dedicated time to focus your learning. For this, we’ve developed a growing range of cohort based courses scheduled four times a year. Each course is designed to support you in developing the key skills you’ll need to BeMoreDigital.

Free activities

Sometimes you need a place to have a quick dip and find an activity that will help you and your team think about things a little differently. We’re building a bank of activities that you can use to help you with your digital projects, to understand a problem, or to get to the bottom of why something happened.