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Social media – finding and engaging your audience

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Social media and digital marketing is one of the key communications tools we have. ​This practical workshop will explore the methods to start to create a social media and digital marketing strategy that works to communicate to your target audiences.

Session level: Beginner

Attendee limit: 20

Digital practices covered: Core skills

What will you learn?

At the end of the session you will a good understanding of:

  • Who your audience is
  • The key features of all digital marketing strategies and planning
  • Tactics and tools for engaging in the conversations of the moment
  • Tactics to increase creativity in your content
  • ​Methods to track and optimise activity
  • Habits and tricks to help reduce workload overwhelm

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Bespoke support

A bespoke training session is designed specifically for you and the needs of your team. All BeMoreDigital workshops have a practical part and Bobi works closely with you to understand the needs of both the audience and the aims of your organisation on their digital journey. Start the process and book a 30 minute call with Bobi.


Sometimes you need accountability, and a dedicated time to focus your learning. For this, we’ve developed a growing range of cohort based courses scheduled four times a year. Each course is designed to support you in developing the key skills you’ll need to BeMoreDigital.

Free activities

Sometimes you need a place to have a quick dip and find an activity that will help you and your team think about things a little differently. We’re building a bank of activities that you can use to help you with your digital projects, to understand a problem, or to get to the bottom of why something happened.