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Simple project management

    I know, there’s a lot going on. You have lots to do and a lot of people to keep up to date.

    How do you juggle all the things you have to do without dropping a ball? And how can you do it with free / low cost tools? Today, I’ll talk you through a super simple way to keep on top of the jobs to be done using google docs and drive.

    Keeping things together

    If you’re like me, when you get busy you can become a bit of a scatter brain. Well, the key to good project management, whether it’s a digital project or not, is keeping on top of the documents and what needs to be done. To do this I create a GDrive folder within a shared team area (so that people who need to can access things). Every document that relates to the projects should be created inside this folder. As well as this, I try (really try) to keep all the emails that relate to the project in a relating folder in my emails.

    Jobs to be done

    Let’s not over complicate it, jobs to be done are the things that need to happed to deliver your project. I create a list of these jobs in a project specific sheet on google sheets so that everyone can see the to-do list. Importantly here, it’s helpful to make notes of deadlines, who should be making sure it happens, and whether it’s been done. I often follow this template:

    Jobs to be doneOwnerDateDoneLinks
    Be descriptive and make sure the job can be understood by anyoneLink to files in your project folder.
    An example of the columns I include in my Project Progress Tracker

    Progress tracking (an open to-do list)

    Sometimes people that aren’t working on the project day-to-day are asked for updates. You can first off make this sheet open to your organisation to help everyone know where things have got to.

    If you’re comfortable, you could look at the automations offered by IFTT or Zapier to look at more visual ways of sharing project progress. Drop back next time for some tips and suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚