Think Feel Do

Think Feel Do is an exercise that helps you to really focus on why humans (especially the ones you want to create for) behave the way they do. You can do this exercise in a scenario based way; “Marcy looking for help”. Or as a way to map out a journey from the current behaviour to the new.

Example of a Think Feel Do activity sheet. The sheet is split into three sections, each section is headed with Think, Feel, or Do.

How does it help?

  1. It helps you to get to the ‘why’. The reasons behind peoples actions are often difficult to understand. This activity breaks it down and helps you see the bigger picture.
  2. It helps to get the truth out and for the team to understand the human situation of the people you are creating for.

Activity idea

As a group agree on the people you are creating for. You may already have done this work, but it’s always good to clarify at the start of a new session. You will need to highlight the scenario you are working to. For the purposes of this blog lets continue with “Marcy looking for help”.

  1. Start with a shared google doc (or other live document) or, if you are in person a big sheet of paper.
  2. Ask the group to share how Marcy is thinking about finding help. Include everyone’s word. You may prefer to go round the group to ensure that everyone has shared their thoughts.
  3. Next invite the group to share how Marcy feels about finding help. Again make sure everyone in the group has contributed, after all you brought them into the room because of their connection to Marcy and or the project – everyone has something valuable to say!
  4. Then, start to explore what Marcy does to find help.
  5. As a group look and review what you learnt. What does that suggest about how you can support Marcy in her search to find help? How does this suggest your project should move forward? What are you going to do to make sure that this is how people like Marcy think, feel, and do?