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Our habits reflect who we are and become an integral part of us as individuals but also as organisations. Good digital habits and standards help to set the foundations to the way you work.

​This practical workshop will explore the tools and techniques that you can use to start to standardise the way digital is thought about and used in your team, and your wider organisation.

Session level: Intermediate

Attendee limit: 20

Digital practices covered: Strategy and leadership, Digital ways of working

Learnings from the session

At the end of the session you will a good understanding of:

  • ​why standardisation is important
  • ​how habits and rituals can help
  • ​what frameworks and rituals can support

​You will take away a the skeleton of digital standards for your organisation and a plan to help implement and develop it further.

Practical takeaways

  • A template for you to continue working on with your team
  • A link to the presentation with additional reading and useful links

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First created for Third Sector Lab

Originally a bespoke booking

This workshop was originally commissioned and delivered as part of The Curve for Third Sector Lab. All workshops commissioned in this way late become available to book for your team, or through our calendar of pay what you can workshops. Find out more about our bespoke support.