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A step by step session with practical takeaways to help you plan your user research project.

This workshop brings the group together to work through a user research scenario collectively plan their research project. Thesession is designed to be a shared learning experience, with practical elements, and a few informational slides. The session will take you through the design journey, from understanding the problem, through to understanding how your research should impact the potential solution. We will focus most of our attention on user interviews, stopping to explore surveys, user testing, and card sorting along the way.

Session level: Beginner to intermediate

Attendee limit: 20

Digital practices covered: Design thinking, Strategy and leadership, User led

Learnings from the session

During this practical session you will gain an understanding of the steps you need to take to run a user research project.

  • An understanding of user research and the steps to take
  • Key considerations in planning your research
  • Some templates to use in your research projects

Practical takeaways

  • 2 templates for you to continue working on with your team
  • A link to the presentation with additional reading and useful links

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First created for Third Sector Lab

Originally a bespoke booking

This workshop was originally commissioned and delivered as part of The Curve for Third Sector Lab. All workshops commissioned in this way late become available to book for your team, or through our calendar of pay what you can workshops. Find out more about our bespoke support.