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Designed for staff and volunteers in all roles, this session helps you to understand how you can set goals and measure your progress. OKRs, when used well, can help drive impact and keep focus.

Session level: Intermediate

Attendee limit: 20

Digital practices covered: Strategy and leadership, Data driven decisions, Project management

Learnings from the session

During this practical session you will begin to develop your own OKRs and gain an understanding in how and when to use them.

  • Be confident in your understanding of OKRs
  • ​Know where and how OKRs can be embedded in to your activities (and organisation)

Following the session the you will be encouraged to work with your team to develop your OKRs further and support your peers to develop theirs too.

Practical takeaways

  • An OKR sheet developed specifically for your needs to use from then on
  • A link to the presentation with additional reading and useful links

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