Be more digital. Be more resilient.

Be More Digital is an online learning space built for people working in the charities, NGOs and social enterprises. Why? Because ‘digital’ is so much more than a marketing or fundraising function. When you have the tools, skills, and confidence in digital ways of work that you need you can increase your resilience and improve the adaptability of your organisation.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be scary… the first step is to just be curious 🙂

Practical ways to learn

All BeMoreDigital sessions are designed to be a practical answer to a question that you have. Each session includes an introduction to the subject and a piece of work that you can start and continue after.

Screenshot from a recording of a session. There is a JamBoard on the left of the screen. Session attendees are adding their thoughts.

Created by Bobi, developed with you

BeMoreDigital is the passion project of me, Bobi Robson – a freelance digital specialist working in the UK charity space. I may be the driving force behind the pay what you can sessions, workshops designed for you, and sessions for larger groups. But, it is you who I develop these with. By you testing, buying, and giving feedback I am able to constantly improve the support I offer and in return you gain confidence in working in more digital ways.