Be More Digital. Be More Resilient.

Be More Digital is an online learning space built for people working in the charities, NGOs and social enterprises. Why? Because ‘digital’ is so much more than a marketing or fundraising function. When you have the tools, skills, and confidence in digital ways of working you can increase your resilience and improve the adaptability of your organisation.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s the impact for Annwen:

BeMoreDigital had significant impact as I prepared for an overhaul of Carer’s Network’s digital and online offering. The primary impact was the new ways of thinking and problem-solving it prompted. It brought infinite value to a small organisation where a few people have to do many things.

Annwen Bates, Carers Network

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be scary… the first step is to just be curious 🙂

Every charity and individual is different

We know that your charity, and you, will have different challenges and learning needs. To ensure that we can support you at every step of your digital journey we offer 5 different ways for you to learn and BeMoreDigital.

Our values

They’re front and centre in our approach to everything we do at BeMoreDigital. Find out how we’re putting our values ahead of everything.
The one top of our list?
We only work with charities and understand that finances are tight for all, this is why we invest 1/3 of all profits each year into a developing bursary scheme (to launch 2023) that will be available for charity professionals to use should their budgets not stretch to meet the costs of the courses of mentoring offer.

Problem first

We are led by the problems to solve. Sometimes these may be multiple and complex — we cannot solve all problems in one go.

The BeMoreDigital project began, we Bobi was working in house at a small charity. They finally had some budget to improve their digital tools, but couldn’t find an affordable way to help their team improve with them. After searching for a solution, she decided to try to solve the problem her self.

Iterative and consistent

We break problems down in to smaller more manageable chunks of work with defined outcomes.

From the first course test (Introduction to Being More Digital), to every workshop created, and more resources to come we are taking the big problem – how do we increase digital skills in a non profit setting – and creating small experiments and solutions to the smaller connecting problems – if time is an issue, can we create short practical workshops to grow confidence and experience in the sector?

Person led

We understand the personal and professional need. Observing, learning, and testing how any changes and improvements might make things better.

Repurpose, reuse, recycle

The digital skills challenge is wide and global, in order to work towards reducing the skills gap across the sector we must repurpose, reuse, and recycle wherever and when ever possible.

A core to being more digital is to look to reuse where possible. We put this into action by adapting and adjusting all bespoke support to be available to the wider sector through our calendar of pay what you can workshops.

Purposeful and practical

We create training that can be directly put in to practice. The world moves too fast for learnings to l be filed away.

Sprinkles of fun

Just as good learning should be!

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