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BeMoreDigital is an online learning space built for people working in the charities, NGOs and social enterprises. Why? Because ‘digital’ is so much more than a marketing of fundraising function. When you have the tools to embrace and embed digital ways of working you can begin to form new habit that increase your resilience and improve the adaptability of your organisation.

Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be scary… the first step is to just be curious 🙂

Be passionate about digital.

BeMoreDigital has been developed by me, Bobi Robson. I am passionate about all things digital and the exciting opportunities that digital skills bring to charitable organisations. I have worked with charities for more than 10 years, helping many organisations explore new ways of being more digital.

I have made the journey you’re about to make.

I recognise that the start of any digital journey can be fraught with uncertainty and challenges. BeMoreDigital has been developed with this in mind and will help you navigate your way towards improved digital working methods.

Free and pay what you can events

A problem shared, is a problem halved.

This monthly pay what you can event has been created to help charity professionals set off on a journey to solve digital problems. It may be exploring how to explain things to trustees; or maybe a you are struggling to solve problems caused by the pandemic – how do we reach our vulnerable service users when we can’t work in the way we used to. Not all problems are digital, and not all have digital solutions. Most, however, can be explored through the methods used in developing new digital solutions.

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6 week course

‘Key Concepts’ is our first 6 week course that takes you through the 5 key concepts to digital ways of working. Inspired by the Charity Digital Code and the principles it shares, this course helps you to put the principles into practice.

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Buddy Chats

Regular recorded video chats with my ‘buddies’ from across the sector. Where we talk about all things in and around digital ways of working and how we approach things.

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On the last Thursday of every (most) months, receive an email focusing on one topic surround digital ways of working. Often this will include links to useful things from other people, and some inspiration I’ve found over the month.

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